Benefits of having an AU Pair and Demi Pair

Welcoming an Au Pair or Demi Pair into your home can provide the perfect childcare solution for your family. Apart from the cultural experience it brings, you have an extra pair of hands to help with caring for your child/ren and to assist with household duties.


Extra hand:

Having a Genki au pair is like having an extra hand in the house or a ‘mother’s helper’. She will job share the basic duties that are usually just your job. She can help with light housework, preparing meals, bath and bedtime, getting ready for school (if you also have older children) and many other tasks. She gives you peace of mind as a busy parent. Having another adult in your home eliminates the stress of pick-up and drop-off at daycare and the hassle of patching together coverage from babysitters or family members.


Flexible Childcare

Hosting an au pair or demi pair in your family puts you in control; there is no need to rush back from work as there is no ‘closing time’, if your child is sick, your care can simply continue as usual. If you have children in school and little ones at home, your au pair can care for both at no extra cost. This arrangement works well of busy working families and shift workers.


Time and quality of life:

it gives you more time to do the things you want to do spend more time with your children, spend more time with your partner, takes a trip to the shops without kids etc.


Cost effective childcare:

Childcare centres in Australia are now charging between $80-$120 a day per child! Your child also gets to stay in the comfort of their own home. In-home childcare is recommended by pediatricians as the healthiest childcare option.


Cultural exchange:

Your family is introduced to other cultures and lifestyles. Children can benefit from learning about a new culture and language. Children also thrive as a result of the full attention offered by our au pairs, who serve as an extension of the family and enjoy focusing on your child’s personal learning and growth. They also love the extra attention they get from their parents.


Family responsibilities :

  • You will provide her with her own room and three meals a day, 7 days a week
  • You will treat her as a member of the family
  • You will provide her with a detailed schedule -Genki Families can provide you with a template
  • You will check in on her regularly to make sure she is happy
  • Pay her any extra hours she may work with your family
  • If you are leaving her at home by herself to go on holidays please inform us
  • Where possible take her on holidays,excursions if there is room for her
  • Paying for her meals/drinks when she goes out with you to restaurants,cafes etc.
  • Money towards her sim card or travel card
  • Welcome pack upon arrival