Other Services


Genki Families places Live-In Companions / Home Help with Elderly people/couples. Our Elderly Companions are not usually specially trained or qualified in the area of Care for the Elderly, but they have experience, gained, for example, through looking after their own elderly family members.


  • General housework and laundry
  • Cooking simple meals
  • Running simple errands or shopping on their behalf
  • Taking care of the Elderly Person’s pets
  • Driving (if they have a licence and a car is provided (& insured)
  • Providing a steady hand – walking with the Elderly Person, or guiding them in the home
  • Helping the Elderly Person to remember to take pills prescribed by a doctor – although they cannot be instrumental in administering any pills or other medication – they cannot be actively involved in any medical care
  • Some may agree to be available during the night time if the Elderly Person needs assistance


We also provide an introductory service for:
Genki girls wishing to obtain their second visa on the farms.
Farms/Farm families wishing to employ Japanese farms hands.

Please note: Farm hands will be required to do farm hand duties as listed here: http://www.immi.gov.au/forms/Documents/1263.pdf
For further information about contact genkifamilies@iinet.net.au


Genki Families offers Genki girls for cleaning and babysitting services. These are usually demi pairs that already live with a family but looking for part time work.
This service can include washing, ironing, changing bed-linen, bed-making, general maintenance cleaning of the home or apartment, laundry, preparation and cooking of family meals and childminding during the day or night.

This is great for those families not wanting a live in au pair or demi pair but still need assistance in the home. All families must register and pay a registration fee to use this service.